How To Lengthen Or Shorten Chain Link Fence

Below is a step by step guide and video on How To Unweave and Weave Chain Link Needles Together.


Chain-Link Fencing rolls often come in a 50ft length and can be easily extended or reduced in size. The process used to resize Chain Link is Weaving. Two pieces of fence material are woven together or apart by using a needle of Chain Link. Chain Link consists of hundreds of needles woven together. This is what creates the diamond shaped pattern of a Chain Link fence. Each diamond of Chain Link consists of two Needles.

Step-By-Step Instructions: 

Removing Chain Link Needles

Step 1.) Un-knuckle the top and bottom of the chain link 

Step 2.) Weave the needle out of the fence

Step 3.) Re-Knuckle the ends of the chain link back to a closed position


Step-By-Step Instructions: 

Adding Chain Link Fence 

Step 1.) Un-knuckle the top and bottom of the chain link, do this for both sections of fence (original and addon)

Step 2.) Line up your fence material to the section you want to connect. 

Step 3.) Using a single needle of chain link, weave the two pieces together

Step 4.) Re-Knuckle the top and bottom knuckles of chain link. 


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