Fraction to Decimal Conversion Chart, Resources & Downloads

Decimal measurements from fractions with our handy guide - free to download or order one from us.

Fraction Converting Done For You

Converting a fraction to a decimal is as simple as:

dividing the top number (numerator) by the bottom number (denominator) =Decimal Measurement. 

Why create a quick reference conversion chart?

Because Metal Fabrication is about precision, it requires lots of math both in and out of the shop. Welders and metalworking helpers often find themselves cutting metal, welding, framing, etc. and the constant mental strain that occurs from switching back and forth between physical crafting with your hands and figurative mental mathematics, can make even the simplest fractions difficult to calculate.

Conversion charts and cheat sheets are a great tool when they're placed by a cutting saw, cnc machine, welder, or fabricator. At minimum, they provide confirmation for the craftsman creator.

Take advantage of our offer, download and print uour own 8.5" x 11" (standard paper) - or contact us for a free XL and Rigid Poster FREE

Download Our Free PDF Guide, here:

Yes, these will be printed and available for our customers to pickup onsite at Steel And Fence Supply, In San Jose, CA - Visit our store Monday - Friday at: 1436 Terminal Ave., San Jose, CA 95112

Ask Your Sales Representative for your free chart of quick reference fraction/decimal conversions, a great addition to any metal shop, work bench, or tool box. Save your time and use the quick reference chart to improve the accuracy of your work, today!


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