Accessories & Hardware

The metal fence industry offers many add-on accessories for those wanting to modify a gate or fence. The most common modifications are to increase the aesthetics, ease of use, and security.

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About Accessories & Hardware

All types of metal fencing have a variety of accessory and hardware options - from hinges and latches to hog rings and tension bars. We are here to help explain all the options available for your project. We stock an extensive inventory of fence accessories, fittings, and hardware.

What is a fence "fitting?"

A fence fitting is any accessory or hardware that connects and "fits together" your fence products. For chain link fences, this is often items such as brace bands and tension bands which help hold the chain link in place against your posts. For aluminum fences and ornamental fences, this includes mounting brackets and post caps. For all types of fencing, this would also include nuts, bolts, gate hinges, and gate latches. Simply put, without the correct fence fittings, your fence will not be able to stand the test of time. Contact us today to learn more about the fittings that we have for your fencing project!

Gate Accessories:

  • art work (plasma cut designs and elements)
  • catches & receivers
  • expanded metal screen
  • finials, hip-knobs, and other decorative flourishes
  • guards
  • handles
  • kick plates
  • lock box
  • stops
  • wheel box

Gate Hardware:

  • anchors
  • bolts & nuts
  • closers: self close, snap close, & adjustable
  • hinges: bolt-on & weld-on
  • latches: lockable & non-lockable
  • wheels: v-groove, u-shaped (pipe track), swivel, and inline

Fence Accessories:

  • barbed wire
  • baseball top cap, safety top cap, or rail cap
  • privacy inserts: bottom lock, hedge link, industrial pre-slatted, PDS, and Pexco
  • windscreen & vinyl fabric

Fence Hardware:

  • fittings: fasteners, anchors, bars, bands, ends, ties, caps, and hog rings
  • framework: top rail, mid rail, bottom rail, tension wire, and cable
  • hog rings & tie wire
  • mounting brackets: bolt-on, weld-on, swivel, pivot, angled, and post wrap
  • bands: brace & tension
  • safety posts & bollards
  • track: angled, bolt-on, gate, guide, pipe track, and v-groove

Custom Accessories & Modifications:

The nature of metal built gates and fence is strength. It comes at no surprise that a fence is expected to endure over several years, if not decades. Fence installers will often overbuild projects to ensure the longevity of the fence or gate meets expectations. Most often through welding, embossing, pressing, or heating the metal. It is important to take into account the level of modification and adjustment desired, as the level of detail and experience is different for each installer. When speaking with your fence builder be sure to ask specific details about how they will modify or mount your accessories, if they can succeed, or if they have prior experience. It is by far easier to change something before it has been installed, welded, or mounted.